Well, I saw the neurologist and at the present time he thinks nothing needs to be done. He doesn’t think the AVM is causing my sight problems. It makes me a bit uneasy because I know from surfing and talking with people here about the dangers. He said “this is something you were born with… the only problem with AVMS is sometimes they bleed”. I realize that from the things I’ve read and it just maybe surprised me some that I didn’t have to do any further testing. I didn’t want to have to do any further testing, so that part of me was happy, but the other part is a bit worried. My report says “small” but who knows what size small is??? Anyway, any ideas on this would be appreciated, for now I’m going to be thankful for each day and pray about it. Thanks for all the support from everyone I’ve met here so far!

hi heather, as soon as i was diagnosed with my AVM i got a second opinion. it never hurts to ask another doctor.
do not fear tests (even though some are scarey) they will give you the appropriate information you will need.
ask questions from your doctor, do not be affraid, this is your life…

I agree with margaret get more opinions! I would research several vascular neurosurgerons and send your info to them. I believe in pro-active not re-active.

Heather, His attitude from that statement that he made, the only problem with AVMS is sometimes they bleed". REALLY makes me question his judgement. It’s not a little problem if they bleed, it can be a catastrophic problem so this is not acceptable in my books. AND as you have read on this message board, that is NOT the only possible problem with AVM’s and you have your whole life ahead of you!
Further, I have read several times that the smaller the AVM, the more risky they are for bleeding.
I don’t even know you but it makes me furious that this is outcome. I would definitely find the BEST doctor for AVM’s that it is possible for you to travel to and GO! Do your research and find someone who has dealt with lots of AVM’s!!! This is your life we are talking about and I really feel that the statement he made lacks alot of knowledge and compassion for this condition.
Okay, I’m getting off my soapbox now.

I agree he is not very informed …Tell him to come here and we will tell him about a AVM…!

i have to agree with the others go and get more opinions…i had 6 surgeons tell me nothing we can do about it and you will only get worse as the avm was already affecting my central nervous system…my seventh opinion saved my life…and i am now avm free surgery that was considered impossible by 6 others…never give up…get out there and get other opinions …like margaret said this is your life…stay strong …best of luck keep us informed

Hi Heather, I’m praying for you!!! I agree with all the others, get an opinion from an avm specialist.
Sometimes doing nothing is the answer, but lots of times it isn’t.

Defo get 2nd/3rd opinion send your info to as many as you can, bet there are plenty on here that would recommend their doctors, take care.