Well, it's not an emergency

Well, we landed in ER today. Doctor says post-concussive symptoms from yesterday’s snowball fight. An IV cocktail should take care of things.

Sorry, Tina! Sounds like making snowmen or snow angels or sugar on snow may be better for Rose than snowball fights. I hope she is well again in time for the holiday!

Doctor says bedrest for at least three days in a dark room with little noise. And to make things worse, Rose has the flu, so she has to miss today’s family Christmas gathering. What a double whammy!!!

Poor girl girl can’t afford more brain injuries. Can I pack her in bubble wrap? :slight_smile:

So Rose has a severely damaged right temporal lobe due to her AVM. Now she’s suffered a concussion from a snowball to the top of her head. Does this combination worry the daylights out of anyone else???