Well here it is

Just sat in my son's room and had a good cry with him...scared is all he could say! I understand that feeling all too well.. One of the reason's I haven't blogged about his next surgery is because I feel if I write then maybe this really is happening to him. Plus I am just scared!! You would think that after four years all of us would be pro's at this...but it's always the same scared! I just so wish I could take all this away from him. As July 5th moves closer well it just becomes more real. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN!! HE IS HAVING MAJOR SURGERY! HE WILL BE IN ICU! All of this scares the crap out of me! So I had no answers for him just a promise that Daddy and I will be there 110% and that Jesus loves him. I just hope that is enough to help him sleep tonight...

Thanks for letting me vent!! Now to that bottle of wine that has my name on it!!

God Bless!


I remember that feeling all to well. We were just there in January. Just hang in there. Soon, you will be through it and on the way to recovery, and won’t have it looming anymore. It will feel so good to be on the other side. We will be praying for your family and Nico. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you! And a nice glass of wine now and again helped me through too! :slight_smile:

That must have been so difficult when you are so scared too. I remember that feeling of thinking that “this was not actually happening to us”… Words cannot help you thru this but know that others are thinking of you and praying for Nico. It must be so painful to see your child thru this especially when he is so young. I hope you have lots of family support. Thinking of you Mickie.

Dear Mickie & Nico,
My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with you now and in the coming days. Keep us posted as we share in your battle against our enemy known as the AVM. Nico…your mom and dad love you very much, and will be there with you as they have been your entire life. Be strong, and keep smiling :slight_smile:
Jerry and Marie W