I wanted to thank everyone for the great welcomes, and as soon as I figure out how this site functions I will be more responsive to your posts, Please be patient with me as a part of my avm it takes me a lot of using a new object or activity b 4 I become able to use it. Thanks again for your great welcomes.

Hi Mark,


Hi Mark. Welcome to the group. I have trouble learning new things too. (Short term memory problems) Do what I do…I play a lot (on the computer)…and eventually, I’ll remember how I did something or…I’ll figure it out all over again. This site is very user-friendly. :slight_smile:

I didn’t figure out much of anything about this site for a few months and totally didn’t see all the messages on my page (so didn’t reply to any of them), so you’re not alone!! Welcome to the group and check your page for other messages!!!