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Welcome Wmaugans

Dear @Wmaugans, Welcome to AVM Survivors Network. I’m glad that you connected with us so early in your diagnosis. Scuba diving? Sounds fun! I want to try it someday too! Our discussion boards are full of different stories and information coming from everyone’s own experiences. On this site, we give support and get support too! I browsed some threads about people who just got diagnosed with AVM Very confused. recently diagnosed with AVM and I hope something in here helps. Oh, by the way, the “guide” tab in green at the top of the page is a great help!


Hey @Wmaugans,

Welcome! The story that Eymie has found is very old, so it would be great if you just come in and say “hi” and tell us what you know already. We are here to help.

I discovered my AVM in 2015, got a diagnosis in 2016 (and was as shocked as I expect you are!) and finally got some treatment in 2017. Whatever your worries or throughts or questions, I’m sure we have been there, so we understand. Just chat away and let us know how we can help, if we can.

Very best wishes,


Thank you Richard!