Weight Gain

I don't know who I'm responding to because I don't get online often,but hopefully whoever asked the question about weight gain finds it. When I first was hospitalize after getting my AVM removed, I lost weight due to the fact that my brain thought that I was having motion sickness and I vomited every thing that I ate. After the doctors found something to cure that problem. I started gaining too much weight due to my immobility. However, make sure that one of your medications isn't Ridlin. I hope that I spelled it right. If not, the medicine that they prescribed children with ADD. During my excessive weight gain, I informed my doctor about my weight gin concerns. She took me off that medication and I started to lose weight. I'm still nt back to normal weight before all this happened, but sion thoughme of that is due ti innactivity I know. I just wanted to let you know about the medicat

I'm replying to myself because a saw some mistakes in my post that I did not catch before. I was saying that I was on a prescription called Ridlon ( medicine prescribed to children with ADD). When I addressed my concerns to my doctor about my weight gain. She took me off that medication and I began to lose weight. I am still not back at my normal weight before having the AVM removed due to my immobility issues. Post surgery left me with left side paralysis. To make a long story short, I am not able to move around as much as before which has caused some weight gaining issues.I really wanted you to know about that medication though. Getting off of it may cause you to shed about 10 to 15 pounds before you start your diet change.

i believe I was the one with the wt gain question; I do appreciate your feedback. I am not on any drug that sounds like that. I know you are differentiating it from Ritalin. Reglan is used for nausea post-op, I believe.

Oh, just read your update. So you gained wt on Ritalin?? Usually it suppresses appetite. But never say never.

Thanks for reaching out.