Weighing in

I was, like my late father, never a heavy man, but far from it, and I was only about 112 pounds in high school. I gained as I got into my twenties and slowly gained as I got married, but I was still on the slim side.

I was in the hospital for my AVM for 2 months, and for
some reason I lost weight there and when I got out in
late March I remember weighing only a small bit more than
I did in high school and photos show me as almost emaciated
with little arms. Did they starve me in the hospital?
I doubt that, but perhaps the treatment kept me from
keeping my weight up.

When I got out I got my wife's cooking again and quickly gained weight, but I never got to be a very heavy person either. Today I weigh 151 at 5' 8". I am glad not to be overweight in an age when there are so many people that are, but I guess it is because of my ancestors not me.

I am told that many AVM survivors are overweight, but
in this day and age...who isn't?

Hi John, The biggest thing I remember about my AVM Removal is the weight loss !, I'm not sure about in pounds, But I weighed in during admission at 15 stone and 1 pound and 7 days later I was 13 stone and 8 pounds which is a huge amount of weight to loose in just 7 days :( , Has taken my about a year to put it back on but its going on slowly but surly :) , I guess as long as you feel good it doesn't matter about weight :) , But is good to stay on the "healthy side" I suppose.

Thank you, it is interesting to hear that you also lost much weight while having
your AVM out. I have not seen many survivors say that, but I guess that we
all went through a great deal and are all lucky to be still around whether
we weigh in heavy or not! John