Weening off Tegretol

Hi All,

I’m into my first week of being weened off Tegretol. I had a couple of seizures when i was in hospital before surgery and none since. My test results recently came back all clear. Has anyone been in the same situation and had seizures after coming off Tegretol?


I weened myself off of Lamictal. Just go slow. for example if you take 1000 mil morning and 1000 mil evening cut to 900 for at least a week. I tried several times and backing off 50 to 100 mil per dose was the ticket. I have an occasional small episode but no big deal. Just go slow and listen to your body it will tell you. You can do it

hi David, my dr has given me a program as to how to reduce the dosage, guess im scared of having another seizure.

While my son does not take Tegretol he too is coming off his medication. We are into the second week of a 3 month process to come off Keppra. So far so good. I hope everything continues to go well for you to.

Hi Lina,

Try not to worry, I think worrying isn’t good for any health condition. Try some kind of relaxation technique. Yoga is good for relaxation. Try something whatever you like.
My father use to say “worrying don’t pay no bills and it don’t cure no ills:)”


How are you doing coming off of your meds?
I think it;s a safe bet to expect a small seizure. If it’s more than a small one your going to fast. Look closely at your nutrition also. Nutrition for all of us is a serious factor that isn’t always considered. I recommend eating more than recommended amounts of brain food such as spinach, Broccoli, and Kayle on the fruit side eat a large variety of dark berry’s for circulation.
Relaxation and meditation is also a very important piece.
You and most everyone can do it. Our body and mind are incredible machine that can heal themselves if given the things that it needs.
You can do this>>>>