Week one Post-op

So it's just under one week since my first embo, this time last week i was petrified sitting in a hospital bed. A week later and i've spent 3/4 of my week since i've got home on my couch in the lounge watching the first 2 seasons of Numb3rs and slowly trying to regain my ability to walk without pain. i think the bruising has almost gone from my right butt but there is still something there and the amount of paracetamol and ibuprofen that is in my system is probably stronger than blood in my veins right now.

I go back to work tomorrow after a whole week of and right now i would really rather i didnt have to, one week is definitely not enough time to come to grips with all the changes that my body has gone through in the last week and even though it doesnt seem like it there has really been a lot of changes, the constant throbbing of blood trying to redirect itself gets rather annoying after a while.

to top off my one week post op its also been almost one month completely smokefree! i'm not sure how excited to feel about this but i thought that with all the stuff my body would be going through this year that it would be a good idea. of course during this time i decided to go along with a trend in NZ at the moment called FebFast which basically means going alcohol free for the whole month of Feb, so being smokefree and alcohol free for a whole month and not being able to exercise crazily has meant that all the stress is building up.

Oh the stress of life with just over 3 months til i turn 21 everything seems to change so quickly!

Congratulations! I just passed 2 months smoke free and tomorrow makes a week since first embolization. One week definitely isn’t enough time to let the flow re-direct itself before return to work,that may even be dangerous if you have to be on your feet. I would suggest a second week and a couple seasons of “family guy” or “futurama” especially with all the meds still in your system they should be that much more entertaining :smiley: Curious if you don’t mind me asking, how much farther do you have to go from what the docs said? TC

Thanks and Congrats to you too! Back at work this morning so it’s going to be a lets see how long i can last sitting down. for me standing isn’t too bad but because the surrounding tissue is inflamed so it’s sitting really isnt very nice after a while. while i initially spoke to the doc about starting the embo’s last november he said i would need three most likely to get it all as it cant be done in one go. the first in feb, second in about august and third in either Dec or the following feb depending on how i go with healing times. he had hoped to target about 50% of it last tuesday but they couldnt get the catheter thingy from my left femoral artery far enough across to reach this one main vein that he wanted to target so that is going to be the first one to attack next time! i think it was only supposed to take about 2 hours max or so he thought but i was in there for more like over 3 or so.

Wow…back at work already. I’m impressed. Did they give you some kind of special pillow to sit on? Still sending positive thoughts your way!

unfortunately no special pillow, luckily my work chair is very squishy but i have been using something called a Cuddle Buddy. a squishy tubular pillow sort of thing which has been fantastic while sleeping. i tried to use it to cushion myself a little bit more when driving yesterday but it raised my foot to high and i couldn’t reach the peddles anymore! Work has been very tough all day, it’s very hard to concentrate when both sides when needles went in wont stop being annoying and there was another huge earthquake at the other end of the country.

The earthquake made the news over here. I am involved with several animal rescue groups here and they are very worried about the people in NZ and their pets! Hope you are feeling better soon!

I'm happy to hear the surgery went well for you. I hope you had a good day back to work. That had to have been challenging. I am surprised you went back so early though.

Congradulations on the not-smoking any more (thumbs up!). Good for you. I need to quit too. How did you do it? I can't take Chantex

Ben, I tried to take Habitrol at first which is the Nicotine Gum but found that the sudden hit of Nicotine it gives you would spark my asthma to flare up so i have done this cold turkey! for me i’ve never been a huge smoker but have been smoking on and off for 5 years so since i was about 16. i just looked at my life aobut 2 weeks into the New Year and though wow in a month i’m getting my first embo and i’ve had bad sinus’s for years with what seems like a cold every month or so it feels. i guess something just clicked and decided i needed to get my life on track so i could handle the stress, i have eaten wayyyy to much in the last week instead haha.

@ Kat: Congrats!!!

Cold turkey = what helped you get through the times of really wanting one? (I ask former smokers their 'strategies' because it is so hard for a person to quit.)

@ Ben: Can you elaborate on 'not being able to take Chantix' please? Is it due to the AVM?

Cindy, I can't take chantix because it makes my tremors worst. My tremors are uncontrollable, so it's best I don't take it. It won't effect the avm, just my side effects I have from it.

Kat, Thank you. I tried the gum too and I hated it. All of my friends who have quit, did it successfully by doing it 'cold turkey' too. I just need to go into hiding when I decide to do it that way. I'm a real bear when I withdraw. Honest, I'm not fit to be around. LOL

Cindy to be honest i have hardly actually wanted one in recent weeks. i had started to cut back a lot in the past year and most of the time when i did have on it was normally cause i was out in town on a saturday night and was so drunk i would smoke half-a whole packet a night! which possibly didnt help my hangover the next morning. the only times i've really been desperate one in the past month have been the night before my Embo (which happened to be Valentines day and i had just had my ex contact me about 2 weeks before and use his amazing manipulation skills to be an idiot for a few days before ignoring me completely again...He really is a pathetic male) and the second time was monday when i was home alone and really bored and had my thoughts to drive me insane.

I don't think i've been too irrational really but i've just put all of that down to the pain in my butt i call my AVM =]

Ben, try cutting back as much as possible before you try cold turkey though is one thing i would suggest as it does make it much easier!

Thank you, Ben & Kat!

@ Kat: The stressfulness of the 'ex situation' = How did it not make or prompt you to smoke? Guess what I'm asking is what helped you to not smoke during that stressful 'event'? (Most people smoke when they are bored, stressed, aggrivated/irritated, etc. so knowing what 'alternatives' people do would be beneficial to helping others break the habit.)

Cindy i have no idea how the whole situation with ex happened without me needing a smoke! i think even though he made me so mad and that i would really like to smash his windscreen to make myself feel better i realised that i was better than that. plus i had my embo to think about. i was really worried about my general anesthetic and the affect it would have on me if i was still smoking so i guess i just thought that it was more important to myself that my lungs be able to cope with that than it was de-stressing myself. i love to bake so i’ve been baking cookies and muffins and slices and eating them way too much so i think it may have been a little bit of comfort eating! to be perfectly honest i have no idea how i’ve done it but i’m just going with my new life outlook of taking one day at a time

Great to hear, Kat. Good choice!!! (I love to cook too and been doing more ‘experimenting’ (AKA: trying new things, ‘revamping’, & ‘concocting’, etc.) during my ‘down time’ lately. With my ‘deficits’ of depth-perception being off & being unable to turn at a regular speed without getting dizzy & nausea, it has made it ‘challenging’ to do, but it’s one of my passions so I can’t just not do it.)

Cindy and Kat; Since you two like to bake and cook…how about we all live in a big house and I’ll be the handy man and you two can do most of the cooking? I’ll even help with the dishes. O.K.? :slight_smile:

Don't stop cooking! it's something people these days really don't do enough of. experimenting is so much fun. i'm currently having a "battle" with my mum for master of the kitchen. it's fantastic that you can still cook and enjoy everything like you did before, even if you have to take things slightly slower now so you don't get dizzy/nauseous.

Very nice idea Ben but i don't know which country this would be in...cause my medical bills are free in NZ so i am not moving to the US haha =]

I'm a single fellow. So, I can move over there....We'll have to talk to Cindy first, to see what she thinks of the idea. lol

@ Ben: LOL...

cooking = Always need taste testers. ;)

moving = (*is thinking*) The US does have it's 'pluses', but... guess weather & medical ability would be the deal-maker. ;) LOL

@ Kat: If I couldn’t cook, I’d really be scr**ed. Ah, friendly competition = nice… so, who’s winning?

Ben…Cindy…Kat…quit making me laugh…I need to go to bed!