Week 8 after cerebellum bleeding seizures

Hi I’m here sharing my brother’s case. When the accident occurred he was alone at home but, at the first symptoms of the bleeding, he called his neighbours. somehow my brother managed to open the house door and left his car keys handy. That same night, Honduras, where he lives with his wife and kids, was under a curfew yet his neighbours courageously drove him to the hospital where he was treated at minute 60. The doctors did an emergency surgery, which saved his life, and they did everything necessary to stabilize him. Unfortunately, the hospital in Honduras told us that they did not have the necessary technological resources such as an MRI to continue his diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In the midst of the emergency, we flew him to Houston where he got one more craneotomy. His dr wanted to remove de AVM after stabilizing him, but 15 days after on dec 27 he got a CSF infection, he has not been as reactive as before the infection that lasted quite long 3 weeks. After passing the infection he presented seizures and now he is an induced coma to figure out the origin of the seizures. Neurologist ‘announced’ that there is possibility of tissue damage but we are still waiting. We also have to move him from this hospital because insurance is running out. Before sedation he was still responsive, he canhear but cannot follow commands as before the infection. Any related experiences, what can we expect? Thanks

It sounds like you’ve had quite a time and hopefully your brother’s sees some progress. I can’t offer too much in respect to what to expect or the needing to move piece. I haven’t had any similar experiences. I can tell you that this community is really supportive and has vast experiences, no two of these things are the same. Your brother is lucky to have you supporting him, and we’re here for you. Take Care, John.