Week 78

I grew stronger this month.

My trunk became firm and, although I still lose my balance at times, my tendency to fall had lessened.

My left handwriting became legible. I practice writing–an hour for every hand–everyday.

The laugh line on the right side of my face became visible. I learned some more facial exercises.

Try combining mixed fruit jam and processed cheese for a sandwich spread. Sarap! (Delicious!) Me, I stopped using chopsticks. I just thought of a technique when using a spoon and fork.

Mama has discovered a physiotherapy clinic near our place. A session costs Dh100 (about $27). Luckily, the Iraqi doctor took pity on me and gave me a 50% discount.

I have finished writing my first book. Now I’m down to the real task: editing.

Speaking of books, someone is exchanging books with me. It’s just funny because she has already read the books I have.

My former boss continues to pay for my massage. She’s really being a Samaritan since what happened to me was not work-related.

I am looking forward for next month.

Positively so pleased that you are feeling stronger and seeing results of all of your efforts .
One breath , one moment , one task at a time …

Lucky, thanks for the update. Keep fighting and don’t ever, ever give up. Congratulations on the book!