Week 19- 11 weeks in rehab

Scott is remarkable.

I try to think of better ways to explain his recovery. Different adjectives maybe, or a more detailed description to update everyone to Scotts...REMARKABLE RECOVERY.

But remarkable is what he is, and so that is what I will stick with.

Im not sure on a date yet for when Scott will come home. He improves daily here and I don't see leaving until he is ready. But I can't wait. The house is ready for his homecoming.

Tomorrow WILL be an even better day.

That's fantastic! Yes, every day he will improve.

Yay for this posting, Danielle. I have been wondering how everything is for you. I am so glad you see improvement every day but I admire your patience for Scott needs everyone in his life to have patience during his recovery. I agree that you should stick to "remarkable." Yay for Scott!

Great, the best, report!

I'm excited for you! The house is ready, now we'll just look forward to welcoming Scott home. Hugs to your family! :)