Week 103

Something had happened, is happening and would be happening today (July 31).

had happened. I would be attending an art exhibition then. But while I was dressing up, I felt my forehead ache. It was really painful. Thank heavens, I was still able to call Ate Ging, a physiotherapist friend. She advised us to go to the hospital. What happened next is history.

I was certain then that I just had a couple of breaths to go. It was fortunate that Tito Nelson, a family friend, and Kuya Natz, a leader in the religious group I belonged, were there. Next thing I knew, I was lying again in a hospital bed. It just took me a
while to realize what had taken place. I learned that that’s pretty normal: Our brain has its own way of coping with trauma and stress.

Something is happening. It’s Juan’s birthday today. Alas!

would be happening. Ate Cha would be coming home. Pitying and gladdening. We weren’t exactly close when we’re kids. We preferred different basketball teams. But at least, she agreed to take care of me then. She was supposed to go to Saudi that time. But at least, she’s going to meet her boyfriend again. Hopefully they’d patch things up and get together again. I can’t afford to wreck another relationship…