Wed 2nd March op

Hey all back at home now from my op last wednesday didnt go to plan as the Avm has grown down to my wrist Dr Yakes said it was too dangerous to operate so now need to go back 3 weeks time and do alchohol injections bit by bit working downwards! my main artery in my wrist has caused this AVM to grow much bigger and now need to take care that it does not blow/bleed. I knew it was worst but they did not till they did angiogram.feelin really tired still and angio hurts but I know i am under safe hands!! Long and worrying road ahead like so many of us! but will try to keep positive!!!First time really its hit me what an AVM is and what problems it can cause just have lived with it not really knowing!if u know what i mean?? hard to explain to others/family ect how i feel and what it is!!! anyway tired now. ill keep updating as and when xxx

Hey Laura,
Sorry to hear things didn’t quite go as planned. And I know exactly what you mean on all of it. Sucks how they can grow and be so problematic. I know the attacking bit by bit is hard but look at me! Three years later and I’m proof that it can all be worth it. The road may be a bit longer and the struggle and pain no fun, but you will get through this lady! And you absolutely are in safe hands as well as good company here with us.
Lots of thoughts, positive vibes, and xoxo being sent your way!

Hi Shalon

You are so right xxxxthanks for ur comments and wishes xx this site is great for a little tlc !!! u to have been so much and ur right look at u Dr yakes is brilliant! Thanks again take care xxxxxxx

Laura, sorry it didn’t go better for you. You’re very courageous to keep up the fight. Don’t let the setback discourage you. Like Shalon said, she’s proof that perseverance pays off! Good luck!!


I'm so sorry that things didn't go as well as we had hoped for you. You're definitely in my prayers. The road you are on and the things you go through can hopefully be used to encourage and touch the life of another member on here. Definitely praying for you.

I hope today is a better day for you!