Weaning off of meds

Hello everyone. I had a visit with one of my Neurologists yesterday, "the software doctor". I have an EEG scheduled for October 5th to check the obviously questionable brain activity. If all is declared good to go, I can slowly be weaned off of my medication; Levetiracetam to be exact. Has anyone gone thru this, and was it successful? I have had no issues since removal, and no symptoms prior to the seizures that led to the AVM/aneurysm discovery. I do not like the medication, but it out weighs the chance of the obvious; however if I can eliminate the meds, I think I would feel much better physically and more importantly mentally. Has anyone gone thru this without any issues during the weeks of weaning? Downside is no driving for at least 6 weeks, and of course always a chance of another seizure or 3. Thanks for any input.

Oh how I loathed the Keppra! I titrated off slowly over just a couple of weeks and had no problems. Good luck!

I weaned off of Levetiracetam almost two years ago and have had no problems since. I felt much better after weaning off of it, but go with what your doctor says. Good luck!

I was weaned off Keppra over a several week period, with no problem. I was also on high doses of Neurontin, which I was weaned off over several weeks, after my final embolization; once again, no problem. The combination of the Keppra and Neurontin was completely exhausting!! I would wake up in the morning, take my meds and within an hour or so I was exhausted and needed a nap. My right temporal AVM is still there, with approximately 30% left with a couple of small aneurysms. I had 2 embolizations and one coiling of a large aneurysm. Because of post-procedure complications of multiple pulmonary embolisms and a stroke, I will NOT be having any further procedures done. I feel that I would be pushing my luck. I know how bad it could have been, and feel VERY lucky.I discussed this with my neurosurgeon and he agreed, I am no longer having focal seizures. I would rather take my chances with what is left of the AVM. You'll do fine, Luckyduck!!! Keep us posted on how you're doing.

I am on also on Co Leveteracetan Keppra 3x150 MG twice a day.
I really want to get rid of it, very hopeful reading these comments that I can also talk to my doctor to cut down slowly slowly to zero if I am safe from seizure.
Let’s see and sure I will share my experience. This site is like our family always nice to get quick help.
Thanks to all.

Oh boy..... This looks promising after everyones positive input. I will update things as I move forward, and thank you everyone for the replies. Most folks don't understand the magnitude of what goes on during this whole process from day 1, but this site is is packed with embracing support. My family has adjusted well for the most part, and my wife has been an Angel. The kids...well, they chalk it up to dads having a bad day, but they are glad i'm here having that "bad day". Thanks everyone :)

Princass, I couldn't agree more with you, don't push your luck. The sunrise is much nicer than a surgical lamp....and warmer than a steel table for sure.