Weak left leg

Hi! I am Ella 20 years old and i was diagnosed with AVM last yr. I had undergo SRS and results that my AVM got small. Now, my concern is my left leg is very weak that started last January due to swelling of my brain. i can walk but the force is not that strong compared to my right one. i am now on steroids until now and it seems that my there is no progress at all and my dose is twice steroids. Does anyone have a same situation like this? Do you think i should have myself a physical therapist to help me recover?

Hi Ella and welcome to our group! I had gamma knife back in November 2016 for an AVM in the left temporal. I did not have any weakness but I know it is not uncommon to experience some swelling and require steroids around the six month mark(ish). From what I’m aware of the steroids usually resolve the swelling but have read a couple cases where there was an ongoing battle with effects of SRS.

I attached the above link and I know she had a tough battle. I would always recommend further consultation with your care provider. Some other folks here will hopefully pass along their experience. Once again welcome, and it’s great you’re here with us! Take Care, John

Thank you JD12 for giving me this link. :slight_smile: