We survived Tropical Storm Fay!

Hello, my friends! We were supposed to come home from our Florida vacation yesterday, but we are still stuck in wet & windy Daytona Beach! The wind gusts were 55 mph, so we couldn’t drive to the airport. Some areas got 2=1/2 FEET of rain! Of course, the internet went out, so I have really missed all of you! I did take some pictures of the wild surf, so I will post them when I get home.

Unfortunately, while the storm has been brewing outside all week, another storm has been socking it to my head this week too! Between that and the arthritis…yikes, what a week!

If all goes well, we will fly home tomorrow. I have kept you all in my prayers, I hope everyone is well. Caroline, I hope that your husband finally got his surgery. I hope that Beth is recovering nicely from hers.

Love, Connie

Connie…sorry to hear you got stuck in the storm, and had to weather one of your own as well…I hope you enjoyed your time w/ the family despite it all. Hope the arthritis is better, sucks getting older doesn’t it??? used to party all night and day and now, well, enough said. Thanks for the well wishes for Ashley…getting her packed up to return to college…going to be harder to let her go this year w/all the medical concerns, but at least she is just 40min. away. Is your daughter going back to college?? how about your son, what grade is he in?? Andrew starts high school this year, so that should be interesting. Take Care my friend! Denise

Yes, we had a good time…the first week anyway. lol

Christina is going back to college on Tuesday…just three days away. Yes, I’m sure it is harder for you to let Ashley go this year! My son, Michael, will be in 10th grade next month. Tell Andrew that Michael says that “high school is way better than middle school!”

Love, Connie

Hi Connie sorry to hear about the weather
Hope it didn’t spoil your family holiday to much, and there was not to much fighting over board games
Hope you all getb home safley, stay well

Thanks, Everyone! I’m glad to be home too. Well at least we had good weather that first week! lol

Dear connie long time no talk that is my fault, it sounds like you have been havig some adventures as always happens it sounds like you came back from your holiday more stressed than when you left. Hey what happend to your shoulder my mum has a torn roto cufff can be painful, and more headache, see that is what happens when you go on holidays. Now you need to have a holiday to get over the one you just had.
Take care hope we can chat soon