We’re on the move!

Ben’s Friends is getting a great new look!

Very soon you'll log onto http://www.avmsurvivors.org/ and find that your community looks and works differently than it did before.

Your old friends and your familiar moderators will still be there, though, and the conversations will continue BUT your blogs and PM’s (email messages) are private so we are unable to access and transfer this data so anything you wish to save, please make a copy and paste into a document on your device or your “cloud” service.

When you see the new community, to get started you will.

You will, however, need to reclaim and reinstate your profile first:

•Log in with the same screen name/email that you've always used, and

•Reset your password using the "I forgot my password" link

•And off you go!

Two other things:

Your private messages and your blogs on the community are private, so we can’t see them or move them for you. If you want to keep your messages (which perhaps contain contact information for your friends) or your blogs, please copy and paste them into a document on your computer, or save them to your cloud service. Otherwise, they will be lost in the move.

Also this community was over 6 gigs so it took some time to migrate everything. Consequently in order to keep the most recent content, we cut and pasted a number of threads into a single post. PLEASE continue to thes threads just click on reply and enter your response. Along the same lines some new member admits may have been lost. Your posts made it. Just sign up for a new account and you are good to go. There will be a member of Modsupport monitoring this site pretty much round the clock for the next little while......

We think you'll get used to the new set-up quickly and easily. But if you would like a bit more guidance, just click on "Using Discourse". You will find your moderators, ModSupport and your old friends on the Users page by clicking on the "hamburger" menu at the top right.

And, of course, you can let us know what you think by starting or adding to a discussion in the Site Feedback category, or by contacting your community moderators or ModSupport.

Hope to see you soon in our new quarters!

Your Moderator Support Team

TJ, JulesG and Seenie