We Need a Doctor

Summer has come.

With is has come an adventure...an adventure to find a doctor that is willing to try to operate on my Mom's brain AVM. Her last doctor (Dr. Carrington of Geisinger Hospital, Danville, PA) has said that he can no longer be of help. It is extremely disheartening, but what is even more disheartening is that the doctor still hasn't offered us any referrals to other doctors and it has been almost two months since he told her he couldn't help.

So that is where our adventure begins. It is my Mom and I verses the world. But I'm hoping the world might help out with this adventure. I am in a state of desperation searching for any recommended doctors (preferably on the East Coast of the US) that we might be able to take a chance on.

So please contact me if you have any suggestions. Even if you don't have a doctor recommendation, let me know how to do this. Where do we begin? How do we get our feet into the right doors.


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What a shame her present dr. isn't offering another specialist for a 2nd, 3rd opinion!

I'm on the West Coast and would recommend Dr. Steinberg @ Stanford

http://med.stanford.edu/profiles/neurosurgery/researcher/Gary_Steinberg/ http://med.stanford.edu/neurosurgery/about/


I realize you're searching for someone on the East Coast, so keep asking other members closer to home, though I know Dr. Steinberg sees patients from all over the world.

Whomever you choose to go to, you'll need to send them copies of your mom's MRI, CT scans and records, etc. for review and opinion. Then you can decide who can offer the best for your mom.

Take care & hope this helps,


Megan, there are several good AVM neurosurgens on the East Coast. John Hopkins in Baltimore is one…The one that helped me (saved my life) was at Mass General…http://neurosurgery.mgh.harvard.edu/neurovascular/ What I did was go online and ask for the best in my area, which made me chose MGH, in Boston. I wish you the best! Keep the Faith!

Hey Megan-

I'm in Baltimore. I can't express enough enthusiasm for my doctors at the University of Maryland, Medicine. I have been referred a couple times to the diagnostic and interventional team there, and I just LOVE Dr. Haskal. Ziv Haskal. There's a gamma knife team there at Maryland as well, take a look: http://www.umm.edu/gammaknife/team.htm

Other than that, I'm thinking you should head towards the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, they have a fantastic interventional radiology team, which means I'm positive they have a good neurology team, they're one of the top 25 hospitals in the country! They are at: http://www.pennmedicine.org/wagform/MainPage.aspx?config=provider&P=PL&S=IRAD&Z=&SL=&SI=&submit=Find+Provider

Hopefully that helps, I'm anxious to hear about what happens. You guys are in my prayers.

Hello Megan. I’m in the Mid-West, and can recommend the neurosurgeons in Grand Rapids, Michigan and in Drs. Skarli and Figueroa in Grand Rapids at Spectrum Health Butterworh Hospital. Dr. Figueroa trained at University of Michigan and at Harvard Medical in Boston. Dr. Skarli trained at University of Maryland Medical. They are both Chief of Neurosurgery here. Since they were both in the East, you could try to call them to ask for a suggestion on the East Coast. The number at the neuro unit here is 616-■■■■■■■■. The worst that could happen is they say they don’t know. Have you looked on line? Best of luck. My 18 year old daughter was diagnosed with a large AVM on May 13. We are just beginning these steps and new to the AVM world.

 Hi Megan.     I only live 12 miles from Geisinger and I'm very familiar with the staff or should I say "lack of" their staff for treating avms.  I personally, will never go back ther again, not for my avm.   I would suggest you look into Hershey Hospital.  They have an entire team of doctors who specialise in treating avms.   I haven't been there myself (I don 't want to be treated again) but, I did call them and I spoke to someone in that dept.

I don't how far you're willing to travel, but Dr. I see and would recommend to anyone is Dr. John Conners @ Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tn. He is straight and to the point, spends time with you and answers any and all ?'s you have. If he doesn't think it can be done, he'll tell you. He won't cut just to cut. Hope this helps.