We laughed at what we do, what about what we SAY?

Its not "bad" enough that I do funny things every day. I say funny, but it is very tempting to not feel dumb sometimes haha But I also have lots and lots of issues into SAYING the wrong thing!! Here are some examples:

One morning at the bus stop, I yelled "BYE MOM!!!" when the kids got on the bus.

I was reading a book to my daughter and the final line read "In all of their households, there were oranges" and I said "In all of their A**holes, there were oranges..." She said "In their a**holes???" Yes its so bad.....

I call the dogs the kids names, and the kids, the dogs name. But ths totally normal for any mother, right?

My husband does not drink. He has been sober for 22 years. Yet, the other day, I called him and instead of asking him "What kind of icecream did you ask me to bring again?" I said "WHat kind of beer did you ask me to bring?" AHH I guess that was a good test! haha

I drive thru a 4 way stops every day, and I always wait until all coming cars are stopped because people not from the area often miss it and its 40mph speed so pretty fast for a rural road. about 2 weeks ago, this car was still far enough that I could of gone (it was my turn) but she was coming so fast and I decided to wait. Good thing I did, because she did Not stop and it would of been disastrous! The kids got upset because they knew what happened and knew that if i didnt wait we would of been hit. I just was talking calmly to them and wanted to say "its ok guys, I never cared about 4 ways stops anyway" but i said "Its ok guys, I never cared about my kids anyway" !!! Now that is bad!! they gasped, but they laughed right away, because they knew right away that this had to be another one of me saying the wrong words. I felt so bad, but then we laughed so hard. haha

I also never think of how something sound before I say it. Never. It does not help that I often miss words like "the" "a" etc. it changes things. We were at the DR. office and they were showing some gift ideas to give neighbors. One of them was cans of crabs.I thought it was weird, but i turned to my husbnad and said "would you give the neighbors crabs?" Everybody laughed in the office, while i wonder what I said wrong.

I have so many more, but i figured this give ideas of sharing funny things we say!! hahaha

dandilionwishes!! I just LOVE your stories as I do the same things since part of my brain tissue was removed during surgery. These days I just laugh a lot with my funny words or lack of :)

The problem I have is that I never remember the darn words I use, so I will get myself a little note book (yet another) for the funny happenings during my days.

Thank you for brightening my evening!

Thank you so much for posting these stories, Lisa. My husband and I lol'd again!

I say stuff and than have to think twice about what I said afterwards because I think wow did that actually come out of my mouth. Ill read something and read the wrong word or when my daughter and I have a conversation she will look at me and bust out laughing. For instance I always forget where I put the keys or the phone. tonight I was leaving the house and had just put the phone in my back pocket not even 5 mins prior. I asked her to grab it for me on the arm of the couch because that is the last place I remember seeing it. I told her if it's not there it maybe on the kitchen table. she said it wasn't there and I swore it was. so she called it and it started to ring well it was in my back pocket the whole time and we just busted out laughing even though I did want to cry.
Thanks for sharing your story at least I know im not alone in these little things.

Hi again Lisa aka fearlessfemale. I enjoyed the story that you shared here and if you haven't already, please check out the other very humorous discussion posted by my wonderful fellow moderator, dandelionwishes.

Hi...though i do understand the funny side of what you are conveying...but i guess u are also trying to highlight we AVM survivors do some strange behaviour as a result of which the speed at which we think & feel emotions are different from the speed at which we translate those emotions into action. So this difference in speed makes us do funny things and then later think & try to evaluate what we did.

Is my understanding right ? :):):)

I'm a constant source of entertainment to my kids now. Oh the things that come out of my mouth when I don't intend them to! I don't often use the wrong word but I do sometimes forget a word and stand around with my mouth open until it hits me again. I'm just mostly cursed with the lack of filter now and say things when perhaps I shouldn't.

I have a good friend in Alaska who I visited both before and after my bleed; we went on this crab-boating adventure both times. At the end of the tour, tourists eat a ton of Dungenous crab near the gift shop where they sell tees that say, “I caught crabs in Alaska.” It cracks me up. Just goes to show you that something that comes out of our mouths could be on a t-shirt some day :slight_smile:

Here is a great example, my friend.
This is me... being filmed by my kids after they bet with me that I could not eat the sourest candy in America (called Toxic Waste; Sour apple) hahaha

You made me laugh ... again! Yes, a melting thong would be a problem ... lol. btw, my daughter used to like sour candy and I tried some ... yuk.

Love this video. Love the laughs. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for the laughs. I needed them today. I wonder how often I say weird things and no one calls me on it. My family knows my words get jumbled sometimes and we usually laugh about it. Sometimes I'll ask if I said something right and my (adult) son will say , "No, but I knew what you meant". I hope I've never offended anyone!

Yes, find humor on this. Laughing is healing. When asked about my restrictions , I said that I cannot go seep dee siving. I knew what I meant.

Haha I know what you mean Trish by a constant source of entertainment for your kids. My kids also translate me to others often. hahaha

hahaha It was nasssty... and made my "thong" melt. ah! haha

haha no problems! I am glad you liked it! I knew right away i said it wrong by the look on my 10yo daugghter's face.. who whould NOT know what a thong is. hahahaa

hahahaha That's funny Deidre!! I talk like that all the time too!! My kids translate me to others now! haha They speak Slur. hahahaa

I am sure if you offended someone, they would laugh or let you know! If they know you enough to know what you meant, they also know what you dont mean to say :D