We have the results from the angiogram!

hello to everyone we have now come home from having krays angiogram and we have been given the all clear!!! we are now AVM FREE!!! we would like to thank everyone for all the support and care that we have received in the last year.we can now look forward to moving forward with rehab on krays hand and arm without the constant nightmare of worrying about the avm.we love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

what fantastic news…this news has made my day…may things only continue to improve …lots of love and best wishes…be sure to give kray a big hug from me and one for you too …alicia xxxx

Great news!!! That really is wonderful! A big congrats, hug & kiss to Kray, And what a relief for you as a mom. I’m absolutely thrilled to hear the news. Did you guys go and get a big ice cream or something to celebrate???

Great news! Congratulation to all family.