We are home

Finally, we are home…I appreciate everything the people in Dallas did for her but there is “no place like home”. We had a family thanksgiving dinner and she got to visit with alot of people and of course everyone couldnt believe how good she looks. She is doing good physically but just waiting to see what vision she is left with is hard for her. She said once after the surgery that if she had known how bad it was going to hurt and how much vision she has lost she wouldnt do it…she would have just lived each day…but now she is feelling better about things and after dr. welch told her that there had def. been a bleed she is thankful…so cheers and happy thanksgiving to everyone on the avm site…thank-you…cindy

Great news! I’m sure being home for Thanksgiving dinner was a wonderful moment! Glad to hear that things are well. Hang in there!

Can’t believe she is home already! Now she’ll get some rest and feel stronger each day. Hang in there!!

cindy such great news,
home already see must be doing great…and improvements can only happen from here…best of luck keep us posted xxx

EXCELLENT!!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Such a blessing she is home.!! Hugs all around, more for her…Be good to you. Take care of you.

I can’t believe how fast she got back home! I’m so happy for your family…What a blessed Thaksgiving!

I’m happy to hear that you are now home. If there is anything we can do, you know where to find us. Stay strong.

WOW that is home fast but great news, hope you all had a good holiday