We are blessed

Hello everyone I would just like to say May God continue to bless us all that is going through or has been through this ordeal of having an AVM whether it's in the brain, leg, back or with ever we are still bless. and I am truly bless to have found this site. I havent had my Gamma knife done yet due to the fact that I terrified of being in the machine. but I will pray on it and ask God to give me the strength and courage to go through it.

Hi Annette,

While I never had gamma knife, maybe there are some things that can be done to minimize your fear of being in the machine. Certainly they have dealt with this before. For example, I have developed (I guess its an age thing) claustraphobia. As a result, MRIs freak me out because of the small space. To get around this I ask the operators of the machine to put a small towel or cloth over my eyes and I try to either relax or sleep (I have yet to sleep...lol) and thank goodness for the earplugs as well. Either way it helps a bunch. Just remember we will be here for you no matter what and best of luck on your journey. :J

I will pray for you. Don’t they give you medicine to make you sleeping or knock you out?

Annette, I will also pray that you have the strenth and courage to have the Gamma Knife. Stay Strong and Stay Positive!