We all have our days, right?

I hate posting a stepback because I’m usually a ball of positive determination, but recently (for the past 2-3 weeks) I’ve been feeling “odd” I feel this fading/fainty feeling. Which I can compare to either my pressure dropping or perhaps sugar drop… I honestly don’t know….
I have began monitoring my blood pressure to see if it’s that. I am normally on the lower end and the first time I checked it while feeling like that, it showed my normal low numbers. So nothing lower or higher. My heart rate was a tad bit elevated but as I told my husband, I have never paid attention to what my normal heart rate tends to be. I know the number it read on the cuff was not on the norm side BUT I can’t say it’s not my normal. And unfortunately we don’t have a glucose monitor to check if it’s that (ugh!!) I don’t have my neurologist appointment (for my every 3 month botox dose) until early September and my every 2 year angio until November, so I might call tomorrow and set up an appointment with my neurosurgeon. The problem is that my hospital hired new neurosurgeons and mine moved to my other hospital an hour away. So I wouldn’t be able to see him until my angio. I don’t feel comfortable with this other neurosurgeon because when I do end up in the er he doesn’t bother to run contrast cts or even an angio on me, when before my surgeon that moved hospitals would over any er run. HOPEFULLY it’s nothing, but stress, and nothing requiring another brain surgery (please no) and it’s not my vo shunt doing it’s thing. My hydrocephalus has been behaving for years. Just yeah a small bump on my road to recovery and I’m already bummed out, Stressed, and paranoid as hell about it. Just showing that even your cheerful positive fellow avmer has downs too :frowning:
We’re all human after all, right??
Wish me luck you guys!!

Could also probably be how Covid after effects affected me. I got covid (asymptomatic) in July and recovered unskimmed or so I thought…
No fever, no coughing, and lost the covid weight (yay!) I only found out because my son had tested positive and then I tested and lo and behold I was positive too. So hopefully whatever this is passes. And hopefully it’s nothing of gravity. I’m already panicking thinking its my avm, right after its 5 year stroke anniversary (damn). I’ll update as soon as I know what is going on, I promise.


Hey, you are a bundle of positivity and drive and you go through some tough, tough things. So yeah, I’m sorry you’re having a bump but I hope it is just a bump.

Good luck from me!



Guess, I’d just have go with Richard - good luck:)

It’s hard sometimes, for some more than others at times - I changed my blood pressure meds last week as my 2nd PCP suggested. Boy, that’s not gonna work - My BP is so high after work, it’s just spooky - I “try” not to think about it

Do your best - all we can do