Waking Angry - Then After Awhile - Ok

I was wondering if anyone else experiences this. When I wake up, it's almost every morning, my eyes feel like they are hopping everywhere and I am miserable and angry. After about 10-15 minutes, my eyes feel fine - but it takes awhile for the anger and misery to go away. Maybe a couple of hours. I had an EEG this morning, I thought the wake/sleep would include the "waking" like I discussed with my neurologist, but it didn't, it was 60-90 minutes long and they didn't monitor this part of my "waking". So now I'm angry over this. I follow up with her next Thursday regarding the EEG. The EEG was regarding not only my previous seizure, but my husbands concerns I may be seizing during sleep, but how is this monitoring my sleep if they only monitored me a short time? Not to mention the waking like I discussed? Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Zilly74-I’m definitely not a morning-person.

I’m able to communicate electronically prior to one-cup of coffee, but I try to avoid any human interaction before I eat something, have coffee, exercise, meditate, and shower-it’s just a thing with me…easily annoyed with singing in the morning, interacting and talking, or questions to which I have no idea about the answer. Good thing I’m not married-that would be a little dicey :slight_smile:

Regarding AVM-related stuff and the morning, I haven’t noticed anything. Could it be interrupted sleep?

My daughter has an avm deep in the left back of her brain. She always feels at her worst when waking, bad headache, feels sick then usually it gets better as the day goes on. But the other morning her eyes felt strange and headache was bad she described it as everything looks slower than usual and she had stiffnes in her kneck. I took her to the doctor and she was admitted to hospital where they observed her for a couple of days and checked out her eyes, all seemed fine. Its very difficult to know with these symptoms what exactly is going on and when you should be concerned.

There are 24 hour EEGs. From what I understand the doctors look for a particular wave if you are having a problem. Yes, you can seize while sleeping. That is the only time a friend of mine has seizures. Please keep us informed.

Hi Zilly,

I don't wake up angry but, I do wake up with vision problems, stiff neck, and a nervouse type feeling. I'm very slow moving when I get up and I didn't use to be. Give me a couple of hours, then I'm ready to go.

Well, I'll let you guys know what the results were. I know the waking part was not monitored because I woke when the lady closed her program when I heard the famous Windows "bling". At that point she said, "Ok, you can wake up now sweetie, you were definitely asleep!" I then experienced the eye flutter. So, I'll discuss it with my neurologist next Thursday in my follow-up appointment.

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