Waiting is the hardest part

My daughter christy is having her second embolization today…we are in the waiting room at ut southwestern in dallas tx…the first was on 11-13 and she has done well…the first night was rough for her but it got better…she has lost some peripheral vision on the left upper side but otherwise is doing ok. She will be having her third embo on thurs and craniotomy on friday…please keep her in your prayers!! Thank-you, Cindy

oh my gosh. She will definitely be in you prayers. Thinking of you all.

Hello Cindy . Christy is in my prayers as are you and the family .

Cindy, I will be praying for her. My doctors were Dr. Whitworth and Dr. White at UT Southwestern. Great surgeons!

If you see them, please tell them Ben Munoz sends his best.

Cindy, You and Christy are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lee Ann

Cindy, I will definatly be thinking of you and your family this week! I hope everything turns out well and that the embo’s and surgery are a great success. I too will be having treatment on Friday, so I will do my best to visit Christy in the wonderful dreamless land of anesthesia!
Hang in there. Shalon

Christy is in my prayers, Cindy, as are you!