Waiting for the treatment

Well, my daughter had a bleed in early October 2012. This is how we discovered her AVM. She has a small (< 2cm) AVM in the left side of the brain. The location is between the temporal & parietal lobes. Not deep, but not on the surface either.

She is 18 and had to withdraw her 1st semester in college. She is wary of radiation, and leaning toward surgery. We meet with the neurosurgeon again in January. At this time, we are all scared, but have faith that God will pull us all through (especially my daughter). Best case, she will only be set-back to where she was with the initial bleed.

So...we are trying to prepare ourselves for a surgery sometime after February 2013. Suggestions are appreciated.


Hi my daughter also had a bleed April this year, she also has a small avm in the back of her brain but it is deep so radiation is her only hope. She is 15 years old and trying to prepare for her GCSE'S which she finds incredibly hard. She has been so lucky to have bounced back after her bleed. Her eye-sight was effected and the right side of her face dropped slightly but has all gone back to normal now thankfully.
Can I ask why you are not keen on having the radiation? All the best to you all xxx

Hi Lisa. Thank you for commenting! Our biggest concerns over radiation are (1) the unknown long-term effects since she is young and (2) our surgeon said that often setbacks occur 12-18 mos after treatment, as opposed to immediately with surgery. We're by no means sure what direction to take.

Wishing you all God's best. I hope everything goes well. Sounds like you're doing all you can. It is quite normal to feel scared. I recall information being put to me left, right and center and feeling a little overwhelmed with such choices. However, the doctors cover every aspect. Once you've decided, as best you can, resist the 'what if's,' they only make it harder - He's your anchor.
Much love,