Waiting for the surgery

So here I am. Waiting for my surgery in juny. On 5th of juny I get to the hospital. They try to control my deep leg thrombosis (taking me off from marcumar and heparin). And 10th of juny they try the big attack in my spinal chord. Making the surgery and at same time the control spinal angiographie. But the angio-room is not in the same etage like the surgery-room. So they have first to make the surgery; then they bring me to the angiograph. He looks if there is a rest of my av-fistulas.. if it is, back to surgery, and and and.... till my spinal chord is free.

I am very very afraid, cause the additional thrombosis makes it not easier for the surgery. And my thoughts spinning around and around for my family. What happens after the 10th of july to them. I only think of my family. Afraid from the "last good night" before the surgery (hope its not too dramatic, this are my feelings).

And when all is over with a good result and happy end (will be so), I finally can make my Inguinal hernia surgery. But this is kindergarten :-)

Our prayers and good wishes are with you, Michael!

I know it sounds trite, but keep up the positive thoughts and outcomes Michael. It'll take you far. Good luck with the upcoming surgery and know we are thinking about you! :J