Waiting for the control angiography

My friends,

sorry the long "stand-by" mode. Took a time out after the surgery. Promise to give all the support I can. But first: Next Tuesday I have my spinal control angiography. Day of truth. And sure you understand the emotions.

My plan:
a) Monday I check in.
b) Good dinner, good sleep, better dreams.
c) Tuesday the angio start at 8.00
d) At 10.00 the neuro-radiologist says: Hey Michael, the avm is obliterated
e) Wednesday I go home
f) A new old (!!!) life starts again
g) Come back to avmsurvivors, change my status to "obliterated" and give all the power and energy I have to help and motivate other avm victims. I will never leave this page, this community, this friends here!

Good plan? Yes!

Cya later your,

That sounds like a great plan, Michael. Wishing you the very best news!

Thx Dancermom... it's the first time I make a plan over the AVM. The last month's the AVM made the plans and ruled my life. But that's the past.