Waiting for an appointment fo further treatment. Doctors have suggested RaidoSurgery

suffering from headaches every, get motion sickness in car, I am dizzy at times and have blurry vision sometimes. Not sure when I will get an appointment for my further treatment. I wish to be albe to go back to my normal routine asap. Hate being helpless. I have been told I was very lucky it could had been allot worse i.e. Memory loss, personality change....

Hoping your awaited appt. for treatment goes well.
Take care & best wishes.

On July 25th this year I had my AVM treated by Gamma Knife, Angiogram and embolized. My symptoms were similar to yours. After Surgery my recovery has been fast but not strong enough too return to work. The brain takes time to heal, its a slow process, I retained most of my memory's but new information is hard to remember. I feel much better now after having been treated by radio surgery. No more headaches, migraines or seizures.

Hi Neeti, your situation sounds just like my husbands. He has daily headaches and wants desperately to get back to “normal”. But, we are waiting for an appointment and I am finding out that sometimes you have to be a squeaky wheel to get some grease. I called his primary care doctor the other day and followed it up by contacting the neurology department today to find out why we haven’t heard anything. We were promised a call back tomorrow. Might not change anything but at least being proactive makes him feel better. Good luck to you. I understand the frustration and feelings of helplessness.