Does anyone else who have had craniotomy or an existing AVM ever hear voice’s? If so explain, Im hoping someone else can relate.

I know a couple of members have reported delusional thinking. I'm not sure I remember anyone here reporting auditory hallucinations, but I have read a couple of articles about it, such as this one: http://www.neurology.org/content/36/8/1042.short

Yes but nothing beyond my name or other short one or two word sounds.


I have heard music. I later found out there's a term for it and it is a recognised phenomena.
It was kind of annoying when it happened. I am familiar with auditory hallucinations, I know that it is my brain and not my mind, There is a strong difference! ie that what I hear is not real. Luckily it doesn't happen now as my anti-epileptic meds are sorted.

Do you hear one voice or many? Does it last long and have you spoken to your neurologist about this?

I hear many voice’s,not just one. I think it is some kind of voodoo,witch craft. So I started reading up on voodoo and stuff actually started too make sense. I know it’s my mind not my brain sorta thing. I know I’m not crazy,usually when it Happen’s it’s an all day,everyday thing. I have talked too my psychiatrist about it,and he has just made notes about it,one of the workers there actually believes me. She has heard others say this before.

You may want to talk to a gifted psychic. They say if you hear voices in one ear, then you are hearing spirits. If you're hearing voices in both of your ears, then it's coming from within yourself. That's what I've heard anyway.

I’m hearing one set of noise through my TV, just a lot of negative energy. Than there s another voice that follows me where ever I go… But thank you, I think I may need a gifted psychic.

How long did you hear the music? And does it still happen?

Have you ever heard of anyone seeing things like shadows? I know of someone who has seen a shadow hold him down. Is it related to the craniotomy ,meds,or seizures?

Well since I have been going through the struggles with the voice’s I believe anything is possible. My vision has seen shadow’s before, and I actually have felt something holding me down while I was sleeping it has happened maybe twice. I think it might be a side effect of medication some what

No music. Just short whispers.