VM and endometriosis

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Vm in my abdominal area in 2011, and now I have been diagnosed with endometriosis as well in december 2013. They operated my endometriosis in december 2013, and now it seems to have grown back.

Since I can´t take birth control pills to reduce the endometriosis (and pain), the doctors have put me on a lupron shot. The lupron shot will give my body a false meno pause. At the same time I take estrogen, so that the side effects of the lupron does not get too severe.

The problem is that since I started this treatment for endometriosis the pain from my VM has been worse, a lot worse lately. I am thinking to stop the endometriosis treatment, but it seems that either way this is no easy decision, as the endometriosis seems to be growing.

Is there anybody who knows if the estrogen treatment could be making the VM pain worse? Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.