Vitamin K1+2+M4+7 supplement: Something neurologically BIG seems to be happening to me - after dozens of other supps & herbs

This my first post, so I want to be careful to jump the newbie hoops. I have lower body paraplegia from spinal nerve deterioration due to a rare AVM known as Foix Alajouenine Syndrome. I believe that all of you in this group suffer from nerve deterioration, so I am posting to “General”.
Note: I teach biology at CSU Sacramento, do a lot of medical information researching, and I don’t easily subscribe to unverified information, nor am I a purveyor of any product.
I started taking a vitamin K1 + K2 + MK7 & 4 supplement from the Big A vendor (trying to stay out of flagging trouble here - I will post the screenshot of it when I am allowed to). I have taken and still take a long list of supps and herbs (*see my take on these below, but first the main message).
The Vitamin K complex may be doing something big to me that is far beyond the effect of the score of other supps and herbal extracts I take or have taken to cope and strengthen. I don’t know exactly what it is about the VitKcomplex, but about 7 or 8 times now, the day after I take the one label-recommended capsule I feel a kind of healing tiredness - the kind of tiredness I get when something is being rebuilt. A good kind of tiredness in which my appetite for nutritious food is substantially better. Not the kind of chronic fatigue tired (which I was diagnosed with early in the onset of this), in which you get appetite only for junk food. I sleep a lot on these day-after-the-capsule days. Then I wait 2-3 days, the tiredness goes away, I exercise and work, and then I take another capsule, and the same thing happens.
In the interim days I between the good-tired days I feel good and exercise. My gait is definitely getting stronger (I can walk a couple hundred yards a day) but it’s still early to say whether it is definitely the Vit K because I try so many other things, see below (also, I’m a scientist).
So here is a quote and a link to a peer-review scientific journal article about Vitamin K/M complex and neurological conditions.
From the journal Advances in Nutrition (my bold font on some):
"Research conducted in more recent decades has generated data that confirm the relevance of vitamin K in the nervous system and cognition. Notably, a strong relationship has been established between the K vitamers and sphingolipids in the brain and their modulation by nutritional status. Important findings have also been obtained with respect to the cell signaling actions of protein Gas6 in both the central and peripheral nervous systems. New knowledge has been gained about menaquinone-4 (MK-4), the principal K vitamer in brain, which could have far-reaching effects in the brain and other components of the nervous system. Finally, a limited number of studies have provided evidence of a relationship between vitamin K status, behavior, and cognition. (Trying to insert an image of the article here.)

The list of my supplements botanicals, mushrooms etc. is too long to put in this first post. However, I do believe in looking at and using ancient traditions such as Chinese medicine, along with evidence that no harm has been found (WebMD etc.).

Thanks for posting. I’ll be reading up.

Thank you for sharing . When I was taking vit k and eating a lot of greens ( vit k) I did feel body wise great,
I will say my body is not normal at all but I had no idea vit k is a blood clotter and my drs ( all heads of their Dept at Stanford ) believe that my body holds onto it dangerously. So I actually can’t take it and hardly eat it even though I love most greens and even licorice has vit k.
I did get 5 blood clots in my brain and had a rare CVST stroke. It kinda felt like a sinus infection on my brain but I just thought my migraines were changing and never mentioned it to anyone.