Does anyone see things like a squiggly sperm-looking line in their field of vision?

LMAO! I have no idea why no one responded to this! "Sperm-looking line" LOL classic! My answer is yes. I see them all the time. All of the doctors I have mentioned this to gave me the same answer "that's normal, I see them, too. It's just stress" Pfft, they said the same about my headaches and migraines weeks before my stroke. Yesterday I shaved my armpits and since I only have one working arm I make my husband do a double check for me (poor guy). I used my right hand to hold up my left arm so he could check and as soon as I lifted my arm it was like an explosion of spermy lines in my direct field of vision. I usually only see a few here and there in my peripheral (which is usually limited) but this was like right in front of my face and all over the room. Naturally, I freaked out and was like a cat with a laser light, my eyes and head were just darting all over the place while I was telling my husband how freaky it was and that I ain't never seen anything like it before. All he said was, "put one arm down" The light spermy things went away. I felt dumb.

Weird! so if you have two arms up there are more air sperms?! wow.
i dont think these are normal. i feel like they are related to the avm. i have never seen them before all this happened recently. i betcha they're blood sperms--they kind of look like the avm did in the angio slides.

well, i hope you are ok Kristi!

my doctor told me to get my eyes checked. i'd be totally shocked if they had anything to do with my vision.

i don't shave my armpits so shouldn't experience the explosion that you saw :)

thanks for getting in touch!

LOL that was the only time that's ever happened! I didn't see my angio, I was kinda in and out, unable to focus on anything. I have no idea if the sperms are AVM related or not, I've always seen them and they haven't gone away since the AVM was removed, in fact, if anything, they are more noticeable now