Visit with the neurosurgeon and a thumbs up

I’ve been pretty nervous the past couple weeks because I had an appointment with a new neurosurgeon that my OB asked me to see. Supposedly he was going to give his ‘verdict’ on how I would deliver with the AVM in mind. We went in Monday to the hospital and met with him. Not exactly Mr. Personality and he reminds me of a villian in a James Bond movie, but his multiple titles and experience proceed him and seemed quite informed.
After a few minutes of torturing me over why I had not already been treated for the AVM, which he thought was crazy I guess, he told me that I was fine and the baby is fine and delivery is fine. Everything is fine. He sees no additional bleeding risks in delivery or the rest of my pregnancy. Yay! Relief!
On the baby side of things, everything is going well at about 26 weeks. No surprises and no bad test results from the 100-bazillion tests they run. We’re busy registering so if anyone with kids has any must-have registry ideas, let me know. It’s so overwhelming! Time is flying by so fast with so much still to do I’m panicing a little… but only once in while… ok maybe more than once in a while. I guess that’s part of the territory though :slight_smile:

Hi Beth,

Glad to hear everything is OK with you and the baby.

Take care,


Hi Beth,
Been wondering how you and the little one are doing, glad to see everything is going well, please keep us informed, that little bundle will be here before you know it.