Vimpat vs. Keppra

My neurologist wants to switch me from Keppra after 5 years to Vimpat because of anger issues; has anybody had any similar issues and how did you react to Vimpat?

Hi Mike
Really interesting haven’t got any advice but in a similar situation I was on carbamazepine for approximately 12 years came off due to side-effects but since I’ve been taking Keppra really aggressive attitude so maybe we both get some answers

I’ve been taking Keppra for 8 years now. Somehow, I don’t think it made me irritable or aggressive but my kids and sister noticed a difference. I’d say it was the whole avm bleed, learning to talk again and being treated different that was to blame?? Anyway, I started taking Zoloft after 2 years of Keppra and that seemed to take the edge off. I can communicate better and after several talks, we fell into rhythm. I’ll never stop my Keppra or change medicines. One person’s opinion but I hope it helps with something. Good luck…

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I am thinking the same thing stay on the Keppra for life and find other ways to deal with the anger issues whether Zoloft or something similar…

Hi Guys, I’ve gone through them all: dilantin, tegretol, phenobarbital, kepra, now lamictyl. Vary degrees of control and side-effects. Kepra is by far the worst emotionally, made me aggressive and negative, relationship issues. The idea of taking another drug to counter the effects of Kepra is questionable. If there is another alternative, I’d say get off Kepra asap.

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