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Vestibular and Speech Rehab Therapy


Hi - so in addition to almost complete deafness in my left ear caused by inner ear damage that happened during my embolization in January, yesterday they confirmed that my headaches and wobbliness are due to vestibular damage in that ear as well.

So, now I can’t hear out of that ear except loud noises make it hurt, that ear makes me feel like I’m spending probably 70% of my time on a cruise ship that is rocking back and forth, and I can’t talk well due to a paralyzed left vocal cord. Swell. Oh and each of them are probably not things you recover from.

My question - the doctors are working with insurance to get both vestibular rehab therapy and speech therapy approved. Does anyone have any experience with vestibular rehab therapy? If so, any insights?

The same with speech therapy - anyone have any experience with speech therapy for a paralyzed vocal cord? Any insights?

Thanks again for all you and we are to each other. You mean a lot.