Very Thank full that this site exists

I can’t tell you all how thank full I am for this community. Haveing this medical condition really is life changing and its hard to find people that have been going through similar situations. I just wanted to thank the mods, everyone that has shared their story and creators of this site, it has helped me tremendously. So thank you so much.

  • Cody Thompson

Cody, we are thankful you are here to share your story and build our community. You are why we do what we do!

Seenie, TJ, and Meli at Mod Support

P.S. I will pass this message on to “the” Ben of Ben’s Friends :slight_smile:

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I agree. The concept of Ben’s Friends, to provide support effectively across the globe, for all sorts of rare conditions is almost the highest calling you could have. An excellent idea, pretty excellently done.

(And I know I’ve got a “mod” badge but I’m a newcomer. I’m just as grateful as any other newcomer to the site to have people to share with but also really keen to give back support to others, having had great support from people). You support others, too. I’ve seen you lifting people. It’s a great thing we can do together.

Even a house of cards, yet made of fragile things and indeed fragile in itself, derives support from two cards leaning together. Thus by leaning on each other, we can build ourselves up, too, I say.




I couldn’t agree more guys this site is great and everyone on here really helped me whenever I posted. I also love helping people in anyway. I do however get really sad when I read what people go though. But we will all get through this. And it is always nice to see that the ones who got though their AVM still stick around and give advice. God bless!

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I whole heartedly agree with you Cody, so much support here. It has helped me so much. I’m 4 months post gamma knife and 10 moths post bleed. The fact people are open to sharing the good, the bad and the ugly is great. Used to live in London, down the road from you, now just outside Winnipeg, affectionately known as Winterpeg! All the best to you!

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