Very confused

It has been just over 5 yrs since my craniotomy for removal of AVM on my R temp lobe.Tried to go back to work 6 months after but guess I was pushing myself and had a seizure on the road. Since then I have been seeing the same neurologist and a roller coaster of trial and error of meds. Now she has helped me tremendously and am very thankful for her help but I still have issues and am now confused since my last visit she told me she has no other AVM patients.I don't feel she understands completely what my issues are, when I mention something that needs attention she wants to throw another pill at me.Don't misunderstand me I feel very fortunate to still be here but seems like I've hit a road block.

I’m sorry for your frustration, Jeremiah. If you feel it’s time for a change, perhaps Dr. Rossenwasser can make a recommendation for you. Keep positive and stay strong!

I’m sorry that you got treated like that but I’m afraid that there are a lot of butt heads out there. I think we will always have some one that is a know it all. Just let it roll off because I guarantee you that person could not handle what you have and feel like that.stupidity comes in all shapes and forms and colors so just let it roll off your back and tell them one day when they have issues just remember what they said to you right back at you but you’re not like that you are strong individual that has been to hell and back and you’re only going to get better and they couldn’t handle it that’s what’s wrong with this stupid remarks that they made

Thank you all for your supportive comments,been a rough road(as you all know).Still looking for another neurologist that I can get to. I don’t do big city driving anymore… too many lanes any split second turns can spell disaster. I’ve not lost hope.