Vertigo Post AVM Surgery

Hello All,
I am coming up on 7 years post surgery in April. I had a what the doctor is calling a cryptic AVM in my right occipital lobe (stting on top of my optic nerve). I still suffer from headaches and migraines. After my surgery I suffered severe bouts of vertigo for a few months but, eventually, it went away.

Now, nearly 7 years later, I am suffering fom bouts of vertigo again. Has anyone else has similar experiences and, if so, what did the doctor(s) do?


I had surgery for a ruptured AVM (dural fistula) in Jan 2016. Everything was fine until Dec 2017 when I suddenly became very dizzy. It disappeared in about a month then in Nov 2017 it was back worse then ever…falling down dizzy. Went to the ER where they did a scan and announced they had spotted another fistula and transported me back to the major hospital where my neurosurgeon works. They did an angio and could find nothing wrong. So back to the GP and they now decide I have vertigo. I have waited 4 months to see a ENT (meanwhile the dizziness has stopped). I was given exercises to do called Epley Manoeuver and Modified Epley Manoeuver and told to watch the videos on Youtube. Did they work? Maybe. I was also referred to a Physiotherapist (haven’t been yet) and took a drug called “Sert” which helped a bit but you can’t take it forever. So now I wait to see if it reappears.