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Honestly, I think it was just a timing thing before: I really can’t believe there was a casual link between vaccine and rupture. Plus, if you’re now fully fixed, no reason to think you’re different from anyone else.

So please relax about it, you’ve done all the trauma, and look upon it as step 1 of resuming normal life.

Very best wishes,


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Thanku so much DickD. I’m sure your right. Seeing it as step one is a good recommendation! Dr. Said resume life as normal! Lol. Whatever that means. I had my shot. So it’s done now. No more dread. I feel better already. I really think your right. It was just the timing of it. No one, no drs, think any differently. So I’ll just keep tabs on myself and make sure someone is always close for a couple of weeks. It’ll be fine I’m sure. Now on with my nap! I’m worn out. Have a great day!!


Hi your sister key reminded me of how I felt if I could walk etc. after surgery. My therapist told me that o start participating and this is pulse help: I’m glad u shared it gets better.

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After surgery I think it’s important to regularly see your neurologist very often
Symptoms and stuff everything.

What I learned is that one doctor is the one that does the surgery and the other one is the neurologist that manages your medicine and makes sure you won’t have seizures and makes sure your brain gets irritated.

I made the error of not realizing that the brain is such a complex organ do I just trusted the doctor :man_health_worker: that did the embolization

Little did I know that doctor has no idea about seizures

I did 19 doctor visits total all of them told me I will have vision loss not ONE doctor told me I can have seizures

A massive failure to see problems ahead of time.

After I had seizures then they can clearly see it’s right in the surface.

So basically I am working on forgiving myself as I thought it was my fault for not investing but lesson learned now I learn learn learn about brain to the point where I am mostly a happy confident person

I’m also aware there are some things only time will tell like seizures

But I also very proactive visited like 6 neurologist and then finally trusted the one doctor who told me I am young so I can tolerate the highest amount of Broviact

I also learned generic drugs often lead to seizures and I also learned 1000 mg of Keppra is the minimum amount of medicine proven to reduce seizures m

So you learn a lot but you have to have a spirit of an investigator and thank God I have insurance

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