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Venting about AVM in heel


My AVM in my heel actually hasn’t hurt a whole lot recently. Even while working in fast food for long hours, my heel really didn’t bother me much. I ended up quitting my fast food job to do a research job with my college, and it seemed way less strenuous.
That’s why I thought it was kind of strange that walking around a building for work and doing the simple task of sweeping and moving furniture (only for about 3 hours that first day) ruptured a vein in my AVM. So now I have this dark, unsightly purple color in the bottom and inside of my heel. I guess I could chalk it up to this strange blizzard and the cold temperatures or something if I really reach, but it’s really weird that it just?? Did that?? I’m not too concerned since this is my 11th year dealing with “Bad foot,” but it still sucks.
Anyway it’s 3am and it hurts like crazy so I figured I’d come back on here and vent a bit (because it’s kinda weird to try to vent about something as weird as an extremity AVM to other young adults who have never heard of it? Like “oh hey! My foot is purple and stuff because I ruptured a vein spontaneously? And did I mention the veins are extra ones? And they’re going through my muscle and stuff??”) Anyway, that’s how my evening is going.


I hope you’re able to get some sleep! I have no experience with the extremity AVM’s, mine was brain. However I read the incredible challenges they cause and and can only imagine the frustrations, like at 3 am and wanting to be asleep. Completely get people not getting it! In respect to venting, let 'er rip! Thats one of the reasons we’re all here. Take Care, John.