Vena Cava Filter....for clot protection

Ok so i went in to have my VENA CAVA FILTER REMOVED… and it will NEVER be bale to be taken out!!! My Vena Cava Vein is clogged with clots and they will never be able to take the filter out or all the CLOTS will go straight to my lungs and kill me!! My body has apparently made a new route of veins to my lungs and heart so the one that is clogged will just stay there and the body will absorb them after a while… by that time the filter will be grown into that vein and will do harm if they try to take it out so they just have to leave it in. Therefore i will be on Cumiden for the rest of my life to keep my blood thin enough to keep the clots from happening again. I know this suxs but i have to be lucky that i am alive!!

It does stink, but I’m proud of your positive attitude, Tara!