VBF Convention

A morning of research, hopefully an afternoon that will bring a new doctor my way. Just listened to Dr. Rosen’s presentation. It felt like he could’ve been talking about me. Very excited to meet him this afternoon.

Amanda, Can you tell us more about the VBF Convention? Would love to learn to more about it.

Yes, any notes you take, please share with us, Amanda. Give Dr. Rosen a huge thank you from all of us here!

The conference was a morning of presentations followed by an afternoon of clinic appointments. There were 3 lectures going at a time so you had options. The majority of the morning was focused on PWS, port wine stains which I mistook as Parkes Weber Syndrome, that was a disappointment, but still informational. It is amazing the results they get from lasers now! There were 2 presentations on vascular malformations. It was so comforting yet strange to listen to Dr. Rosen’s presentation. It felt like he was telling my story. I met with a KTS team this afternoon and Dr. Rosen’s team. I have my scripts in hand for new scans and his card to make my appointment. It is such a relief to know he will be reading the results! A fabulous feeling to know I’m not solely responsible for monitoring my case. Definitely a must attend for anyone looking for information and especially if you’re not content with your current care. The foundation does all they can to make the trip as easy as possible for everyone.

Where? When? This is exciting that there are now conferences being conducted. I bet others feel the same way. Thank you for posting this Amanda!