Valentine's Day Note

Yes, it's Valentine's Day. A day when kids share valentine’s cards in class and couples well… we won’t go there. It’s a time for chocolates or roses and the fancy dinner. Jewelry or creative presents designed to make a retailer salivate. But don’t forget the real meaning of this special day. To show love.

We all are going through our own unique journey with this AVM thing and quite frankly it’s a challenge in one way or another. It’s important therefore to love yourself, hug yourself and appreciate all the good things in life that you do have. We are our own worst enemy in this journey but that can change and we can be our own best friend. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there (oh and you couples too)! :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Suzy! :)
Give yourself a hug & don't forget to have another brownie! ;) lol

Well said Suzy but I gotta ask..when are you going to post a picture where your head is not cut off?! Hugs to you!

I did not know it was cut off. Thanks for pointing that out Trish! Hope I fixed it. :)