Uterine AVM (post-d&c) resolved without treatment

Hi ladies, I’d just like to share my story in the hope that some of you may find some reassurance in it.

I was diagnosed with a uterine AVM after a therapeutic D&C at the end of April this year due to a rare foetal abnormality that meant little bub would not survive (‘megacystis’ or ‘posterior urethral valve’). 6 weeks after the procedure I started bleeding. I thought it was just a really heavy period being my first after the d&c. However, it kept going for about 2 weeks - intermittently, and when happening was like nothing I’d seen before. When the gushes happened I would soak through 2 maternity pads within a matter of minutes.

Eventually, my partner took me to hospital as I had gone into shock from the blood loss. They admitted me, did an ultrasound and hsyteroscopy and confirmed a uterine AVM. I also got a blood transfusion due to the blood loss (Hg went down to 66 in matter of hours). They elected not to do an embolisation at that point but wanted to monitor me.

I have since had about 3 normal periods with medium bleeding. And no mid-cycle bleeding. I was absolutely petrified whenever I had my period as I thought I would lose an immense amount of blood again. Last week I went in for a folllow-up ultrasound and there was no AVM to be seen! The specialist was lovely (Dr Janet Vaughan in Sydney), and said there was no sign of even having had an AVM.

I’m not sure if this is common or not, but just want some of you to know that there can be spontaneous resolution. Of course, every person is different, and I know that our bodies are all unique. But please know that there can be hope. We are yet to try for another pregnancy, which is no doubt its own battle, but at least the AVM has gone, so one less thing to worry about.

Sending love to all of you going through this.


So glad your AVM has resolved. So sorry to hear about your loss/experience of AVM. I have a MRI friday and im hoping its disappeared. We are so wanting to try to conceive. X

Hi Goddess. How did your MRI go? I sincerely hope you have had some good news. xx