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Uterine AVM - bleeding following embolisation?

Hi everyone, I’m 40 years old and had a miscarriage at 14w5d on 30 Nov 2016. After a D&C and 2 weeks of intermittent but very heavy bleeding and clots following the D&C I was diagnosed with a uterine AVM following Doppler u/s.

I had a bilateral AVM embolisation the same day I was diagnosed (29 Dec 2016). Gel foam was used for the procedure.

Since the embolisation (now 1 week ago) I’ve had light spotting to start but the bleeding has now increased. I’m not passing massive clots like I was before the procedure and I’m not having the gushing blood that I had before the procedure. But I am concerned as it is heavier. I’ve spoken to my OB and the specialist that did the procedure and I’ve had another scan. They believe the procedure was successful and can’t see another AVM forming and it could perhaps be my body getting back to normal following the miscarriage and I’m just having my period.

I just don’t know what to think any more as I’ve now been bleeding for 5 weeks.

I’m just wondering what everyone else’s experience has been with bleeding following a uterine AVM embolisation??

This reply is coming to you 10 months later and maybe isn’t needed or relevant anymore but I was in the same boat as you. I had a bilateral uterine artery embolization last Nov and was asking the same questions - will I bleed again??

On Christmas eve morning the bleeding started again but it wasn’t a hemmorhage, more like a very heavy period. I was put on oral contraceptives and tranexamic acid to try and stop it. After 8 weeks of bleeding i had a total hysterectomy.

I was scared to do something so permanent but it was a great decision and I haven’t had a drop of blood since. I feel like I am finally getting my life back and physically I feel 100% (just need to get past the panic attacks now).

I hope things are better for you now and the bleeding has stopped.

Hi McLoudy,

I’m 30 yrs old and I recently had an embolisation done on my left uterine artery. The radiologists used gel foam to conceal the blood flow. I did not have any bleeding for 3 days post surgery. Started to have period like bleeding a day ago. Could you please share your experience post surgery?
Doctor says it could be periods as I’m due to get one or may be must have caused due to withdrawal of progesterone tablets post surgery. Any help or advise Will be appreciated.
P.S. I still do not have kids and want to fall pregnant as I soon as doctor gives a green signal.

Hi everyone! Here’s my story: I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 1/3/18, then had a D&C on the 16th due to suspected retained products of conception. About 9 days later, I had gushing blood with large clots the size of my palm. I went straight to the ER and then about two days later had an embolization on the AVM that they found in my uterus. I believe this occurred on the 26th. Since then I’ve have some minimal spotting…kinda like the brown discharge at the end of your menstrual cycle. Well, today, the spotting is more red red. Kinda like maybe the beginning of a period. I actually have a follow up for a CT scan on Tuesday but just wondering if anyone had experience with bleeding after an embolization and when did you get your first period. I’m breastfeeding so I didn’t expect my period to come so soon, or maybe it’s because of the embolization, or worse yet, wondering if the AVM hasn’t resolved and if I’m going to have another bleeding episode. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve had the embolization. I’m also having some dull pain near my right pelvic area which I’ve had before sometimes before a period or when I had a cyst on an ovary.