Use of aspirin, aspiring-containing compounds, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents

Hi! I could use some help if any one has information about the reservation of aspirin, aspiring-containing compounds, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, for us AVM survivors. This would help me with my General Doctor and Arthritis specialist.

I have taken non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and aspirin. I take Toradol regularly, and norgesic which contains aspirin. I have been on many other nsaids as well. The only problem I have had with them is that they really tear up my stomach. They make me really nauseated and I have to take anti nausea pills and also prevacid to help my stomach issues now. But it honestly helps my head…so for now it is something I am willing to do. (Lol…my husband helps me write these messages, since it is really hard for me to communicate to others) So I really needed his help and advice on this one. hahaha. I hope this helped you some. Take care, Brittany and Eric.

Hi! Brittany, thanks for the reply. Some of my memory is returning and I remember being told not to take any aspirin or blood thinner after the AVM bleed. Have you read the FAQ site here about this subject?

Hi, Karen-
I’ve been consistently told by my neuro & radiologist to significantly limit the use of aspirin or ibufron-like products. The issue is not that they cause a bleed, but if there were a bleed they have the potential to limit the clotting factor. Remember, aspirin is often given to stroke victims to facilitate blood flow in the brain when there is a clot - not something you usually want while your brain is bleeding.

I would think you and your doctor would balance the risk with how well those medications help your pain issues. In any case, dont’ take our word for it, be sure to talk to the dr’s.

I guess for me my doctor’s (neurologist and neurosurgeon) both agree that the medicine was needed and the risk of a bleed was far less likely to happen. So I guess that is why I was told it is ok to take them. I also did not know or remember that nsaids would cause problems with clotting if you were having a bleed. Of COURSE everyone knows to always check with their own PERSONAL doctor before starting any medications. I was just giving my own person experience with taking these drugs.

Well I have not taken any aspirin for about twenty-nine years now because of my AVM. I am not allowed to take it. I take Extra Strength Tylenol… Or maybe drink every now and then. A good stiff drink or a few beers you know is good for the head every now and then.

Lol no your response did not upset me at all! I was just stressing the need for everyone to speak with their own personal doctors…and to never take advice without consulting a doctor first. Sorry sometimes it is hard for me to express myself…and its hard for me to get the point across the right way. I’m sorry…I am really working on that. I was just giving my own personal experience on these drugs. I have had several bleeds in my life and both of my doctors know about them. My avm is removed now…and I think once they are removed you are less likely to have a bleed. I could be totally wrong about that and be making it up. lol. I dont know. But maybe I should speak to them and discuss the concern of another bleed. It is just really hard because these are the only meds that I have found to work for me in 2 years. Lol so sorry if I seem a little defensive to them…because they make me feel better and I get relief. What you said didnt upset me at all. It is just hard for me to express myself clearly.

Lol no…you didnt. Even tho it is pretty easy to hurt my feelings these days. But I didnt think your message was in any way trying to do that. So we are still friends :wink: hugs!

Thanks every one for the infor, I feel safer not taking any drugs. Its hard to deal with more than one health problem and sereral Doctors, their all train in different areas. Any how years of taking drugs never even touch my pain level; so it’s just a waste of time for me to take any pain med’s. I was just hoping to find hard proof to give the other doctors to help them under stand it’s not good for me with me berry aneurysm and AVM.