Urgent! We need your help!

We were just told our 4 year old son has a rare tumor inside his knee joint that may be cancerous. We were informed the he also has VM in his knee. That is all the info we really know right now.

We would appreciate any ideas, opinions, and/or regrets/concerns on doctors, treatments or anything that goes along with a difficult situation like this. All prayers are welcome! Thank you for your time and any replies you may send our way!

Jessie and Jason, you and your son are in my thoughts and prayers.

you have certainly found a great environment here,

full of support and comfort.

My AVM was in my brain,

i am sure you will find many here willing to discuss their situation.

stay strong, have faith

we are all here for you

You are also in our thoughts and prayers. My daughter’s AVM is in her brain. She is 18. It is so scary, but I know there is so much support and so many success stories out there. It’s hard as a parent. I want to take this from them and go through it for them so they don’t have to. In what area do you live?

We live in Ohio