Ups and downs

when leaving hospital my dilantin level was increased ,i was having reguler blood tests and my levels were good,after a couple of months and after the latest blood test my lavels were still im the right range,yet i was feeling worse i left it go for a couple more weeks,but felt even worse.after another week no wife took me wo my local doc who said striaght to hospital i felt so bad i knew something was wrong.i was given another set of blood tests showing my dilantin was way to high i was kept over night and let home the next day my levels and dosage was droped it took a week to notice the difference. i then said i want weekly blood tests with in that month my levels dropped too low, After going up and down i went back to the hospital i hadnt dad any sezures even when my lavels were low ,so they slowly reduced my level to nothing MAN i was glad to get over that .PS thank you all for listening

hi stacey hows it going with your meds hope things are going ok i feel for you as yo cant be in control of what you have to take but if they get it sorted thats all that matters but its good to know people care,before i found this site i was going … crazy any way just wanted to say hello take care shane crotty